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Principal's Message

Dear Students, Families, and Community Members,

Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year!  As the principal at Salnave Elementary, I am dedicated to collaborating with staff, families, and community members to ensure success of our students. This will be my ninth year as principal and eighteenth year working at this amazing school. I work very closely in collaboration with our Assistant Principal, Mrs. Sara McKennon, and our School Counselor, Mrs. Gwynn Moe.  Together we advocate for meeting the needs of the whole child and will work to ensure the development and sustainability of instructional programs that support the social, emotional, and academic needs of every learner.  Our secretaries, Ms. Amie & Ms. Lisa, are a great support system for our students, families, and staff.  They will be able to help you navigate our school and access resources, as well as set up meetings with our Administrative Team, as necessary.

The staff at Salnave is focused on our vision of “Dreaming, Learning, and Growing TOGETHER!” We strive to establish effective and purposeful goals, discover new knowledge and practices that maintain our intentional work with students, and celebrate the growth of all learners. We value staff, students, families, and community members partnering together to support the learning process.

This year we will continue our commitment to Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) and Social Emotional Learning (SEL).  PLCs are a district-wide structure to support the integration of common teaching practices and intentional collaboration around routinely monitoring data to ensure our students' growth.  SEL encompasses a focus on social and academic behaviors, along with the implementation of effective routines, to help students maintain a "learning ready" state and increase their overall engagement in the learning environment.  Our overarching goal is to foster resilient learners, and our collaborative process ensures wrap-around support for ALL of our learners.

Please join us in encouraging our Salnave SparrowHAWKS to be Helpful, Attentive, Kind, Well-behaved, and Safe! Our focus on KINDNESS and RESPECT continues to be an essential part of our learning environment, as well as our encouragement of TEAMWORK amongst our learners.  In addition, we will be encouraging our students to reflect on their goals, growth, and learner behaviors frequently.  Together we can support each one of them in shining and making a difference each day.  

As an educator and parent, this learning environment is close to my heart, and I look forward to continuing to lead our learning journey into the future.


Celina Brennan
Principal, Salnave Elementary